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Today is Tuesday 09-17-2019
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Stickers and labels are our specialty. We can print your artwork or text on all types of material, sizes and shapes. Ask about our white gloss, matte litho, clear poly, fluorescents, dull silver and gold, polyesters or even tamper evident stock ("VOID") Permanent and removable adhesives available for standard applications and for extra stickiness, we have a tire adhesive. Your stickers can be printed using 1 to 6 spot colors or beautiful 4-color process. Blind embossing and foil stamping are also available. Another feature we have is sequential numbering.

Small and large quantities are no problem. We print our stickers on the premises to assure quality. Request one to three ink colors or full color process on a custom shape or use our in-house standard shapes. Squares, Circles, Ovals, Rectangles, starbursts! All labels come on rolls for easier peel off or special request for individual sheets can be made.

Check out our price breakdown when requesting a quote for stickers. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost per sticker. We also offer vinyl cut-out lettering for the back of car windows, store fronts or anywhere you can think of. Most of our labels are laminated to protect from weather and scuffing.

Just tell us what you want and we'll print it onto stickers!

Most major credit cards accepted.

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Way back in the sixties, the advertising department of the company that sold Chiquita brand bananas was spending quite a bit of money to promote their bananas. The problem was that this advertising was helping their competitors as much as it was helping them because all bananas looked alike and were not packaged in distinctive packages like other food products. The solution they came up with was to put a little blue and yellow oval sticker on each banana announcing it as a genuine Chiquita banana. The little stickers were quickly imitated by other brands that produced their own stickers and launched a new variety of sticker collection. In later years, many types of fruits and vegetables had a new type of sticker known as a PLU, or Price look-up label that was used by the check out clerks to determine brand and price. Known to collectors as Pseals, these stickers which came in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes became a hot collectible item. Today, there are thousands of Pseal collectors and there is even a newsletter devoted to the hobby. --- We will print your logo and text in all colors, shapes and sizes or even black on white adhesive-backed stock makes for a great effect! We can print thousands and thousands of labels at great prices. We have matte litho and gloss stocks that are easy to write on. All stickers come on rolls or in single sheets if requested.

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